Thursday 10/21: MUB 334/336 @ 6PM 

6:00-6:30            Check-In/Sign-In
6:30-7:00            Intro/welcome to conference: start film           
7:00-8:30            Film: “The Pornography of Everyday Life”(by Jane Caputi) and discussion w/ Jane Caputi afterwards
Friday 10/22: STRAFFORD RM @ 9:30AM 
9:30-10:00            Check-In, Sign-In and Name Tags
10:00-11:00            Welcome, intro and thank support. Viewing of Gail Dines C-SPAN video & Student Activism PowerPoint Presentation 
11:00-12:15            Lierre Keith: We Are Disturbing the War Against Women: A History of the Feminist Anti-Pornography Movement.
12:15-2:00            Lunch Break (Welcome to bring your own lunch or there will be a list provided of local places to eat as well as the UNH food court)
2:00-3:15            Bob Jensen: Pornography and the Perfect Storm of Inequality: Patriarchy, White Supremacy, and Capitalism.
3:15-4:15            Pornography and LGBT Identities: Documenting Harm, Plotting Resistance w/ Dr. Joelle Ruby Ryan:  From "She-Male Sluts" to Trans-Sister Survivors: Interrogating the Degradation and Sexualization of Transgender Women in the Porn Culture: For a number of years now, a sub-genre of pornography that depicts transgender women, offensively labeled "she-male", has been gaining in popularity.  Like other forms of pornography, "she-male" porn is filled with degrading, misogynistic and racist images that function to further the oppression of transgender women in everyday life.  In this presentation, Joelle Ruby Ryan will utilize words and images from this sub-genre of heterosexual pornography to discuss the backlash against feminism, the economic and cultural war waged against gender-variant people, and the ways in which racism, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia in pornography function to preserve the power and privilege of white, presumably-heterosexual, cisgender men.  Against the backdrop of this archive of cruelty that celebrates rape, bigotry and abuse, trans-feminism can play a powerful role in fighting for a world which truly values all human beings and that will not stand for the fragmentation and destruction of our sacred sexualities. 

David Jacobsen: Black Male Subjectivity in Gay Porn: A Process of Dehumanization
4:15-4:30            Discussion: Ideas on activism, protesting and strategizing (for everyone not just radical, anti-pornography feminists)
4:30-6:00              Break/Dinner Provided
6:00-7:30            Film: “The Price of Pleasure” w/ discussion afterwards

Saturday 10/23: Waysmeet Center @ 9:30AM
9:30-12:00            Closing Talk:  Being Aware of Ourselves, Each Other and The Earth   
- Can we build an aware community that takes a stand against violence; while at the same time

proclaiming and supporting consensual healthy sexualities?

- Can we create a vision and a space where each of us celebrate our unique sexualities and identities inprivate and for free, outside of a violent Capitalist White Supremacist Patriarchy context?

The wrap-up/debrief conversation about healthy relationships, political resistance, social justice, sustaining ourselves and nourishing the earth: