Pornography and Sexual Violence, Pornography as Sexual Violence
October 2010
At the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH

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We have asked ourselves: what does an effective community response to sexual violence and pornography look like?

When a community decides to come together to meet in the middle for an open dialogue, answers will begin to present themselves and problems will begin to be solved.  This is why members of the Womyn’s Club are working tirelessly with Stop Porn Culture NH to ignite a positive, campus-wide conversation about the widespread prevalence of sexual violence and porn culture on college campuses. 
 We invite all community members to participate in this FREE conference as well as other events. It is time to create a forum that will provide UNH students, staff and faculty the opportunity to build a foundation of awareness and activism focused on ending sexual violence in a White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy.

        check out the conference agenda HERE!

 Finalized speakers:

-       Bob Jensen, is a professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. In his research, Jensen draws on a variety of critical approaches to media and power. Much of his work has focused on pornography and the radical feminist critique of sexuality and men’s violence, and he also has addressed questions of race through a critique of white privilege and institutionalized racism.

-      Lierre Keith, lives in California where she writes books, grows her own food, and dreams of revolution. She is also heavily involved with the Stop Porn Culture organization co-founded by Gail Dines (

-       Gail Dines, is a professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College in Boston. ( As part of the month, Gail will not be presenting at the conference. 

-       Jane Caputi is professor of Women's Studies and Communication at Florida Atlantic University, a writer and author of multiple books, she is wonder-full radical feminist using her anti-pornography (pro-sex) critique to connect environmental degradation, racism, sexism, homophobia under this White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy

  • This will be an opportunity for real movement making to begin and for communities to come together to discuss and organize ways that will end sexual violence in our communities and beyond while, at the same time proclaiming and supporting a sexuality that is healthy, mutual, consensual, free from power structures and violence.

  •  We need to create a vision and a space where we each celebrate our unique sexualities in private and for free, outside of a Capitalist White Supremacist Patriarchy. We are going to start with the largest contributor in perpetuating violence against women: pornography.  As the pornography industry flourished within capitalism and male supremacy a porn culture was born.

Event Co-sponsored by:
 The Womyn's Club, Stop Porn Culture N.H and UNH Health Services